Everything Anything @ MarriotTheatre

Theatre Review Angela Allyn, April 15, 2015

3 Stars out of 4

ANYTHING GOES_ Alexandra Palkovic and Cast MK I am just going to get it out of the way that I don’t adore theatres in the round for traditional big musicals. Somebody always has...
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People and their pets @ A Red Orchid

Theater Review Angela Allyn, April 14, 2015 3.5 Stars out of 4
Luce Metrius, Guy Van Swearingen
Chicago theater became legendary based on realistic theater performed by gritty skilled actors in tiny storefront theaters where you could feel the spit from the heated dialogues. That kind of in...
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‘The Herd’ Stands Apart @ Steppenwolf Theatre Company

Theatre Review by Kevin Greene, April 15, 2015

Rating 3.5 stars out of 4

(left to right) Andrey Francis (Claire), Cliff Chamberlain (Mark), and ensemble members Francis Guinan (Ian), Lois Smith (Patricia) and John Mahoney (Brian). Photo by Michael Brosilow.
“Children can be horribly...
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“Badfic Love” Takes Flight

Theater Review by Melissa Wiley, April 13, 2015

Rating 3.5 out of 4 stars

2A – Michelle the Hero (Barbatelli, Konz, Hunter, Shum and Szczepaniak)
Michelle the Hero (Barbatelli, Konz, Hunter, Shum and Szczepaniak)
Bad writing can be pretty great. Case in point: During a...
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“Spring Awakening” @ Fearless Theatre

Theater Review by Jerald Raymond Pierce, April 13, 2015

 3 out of 4


Sammy Zeisel and Nick Hyland in Fearless Theatre’s Spring Awakening. Photo by Madi Ellis.

If you haven’t had the chance to meet them, let me introduce you to Fearless Theatre Collaborative....
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“The Signal” @ Theatre at The Center

 Theater Review by Bellisant Corcoran-Mathe, April 8, 2015

2.5 Stars out of 4.

The SignalNot quite a musical, but not quite a concert, Theatre at the Center’s The Signal is a jiving mix of classic doo wop and little known local history. Although I was...
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Angelo Hart hits hard at Piano Forte!

Music Review by Timothy A. Corpus

Rating 3 Stars Out of 4

Angelo Hart In the intimate and casual setting of the new Piano Forte Foundation, Angelo Hart gave a thrilling performance of original music. Mr. Hart, an up-and-coming jazz pianist draws influence from jazz greats...
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The Upstairs Concierge @ Goodman Theatre

Theater Review  by Conor McShane and Leslie Hull, April 7, 2015

 Rating 2 Stars Out of 4

John Stokvis (Kaz) and Alejandra Escalante (Rebecca Oaxaca) in The Upstairs Concierge by Kristoffer Diaz, directed by KJ Sanchez at Goodman Theatre
The Concept at...
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“Murder Ballad” @ Bailiwick Chicago

Theater Review by Jerald Raymond Pierce

3.5 out of 4

Caption: (left to right) Chris LoganAmanda Horvath and Matt W. Miles in Bailiwick Chicago’s Chicago premiere of MURDER BALLAD conceived by and with book and lyrics by Julia Jordan, music and lyrics by Juliana Nash, directed and choreographed by James Beaudry.  Photo by Michael Brosilow.
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Title and Deed Owns @ Lookingglass

Theater Review by Will Cameron Rating 4 Stars Out of 4

Michael Patrick Thornton (5) (1) Lookingglass has opened a fantastic, vulnerable production of Will Eno’s Title and Deed. The play is huge in scope, both philosophically and emotionally, and it’s all achieved with one man...

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“Graveyard of Empires” @ 16th Street Theatre

Theater Review by Bellisant Corcoran-Mathe, April 4, 2015

3.5 Stars out of 4.

drewJoe Dempsey. Photo by Anthony Aicardi
Half performance art/light show and half play, Graveyard of Empires by Elaine Romero uses light, projection and choreographed movements to create the intricate world of...
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‘Travesties’ flabbergasts @ Remy Bumppo Theatre

Theatre Review by Kaitlyn Kearn, April 2nd, 2015

Rating 3 Stars out of 4

Meg Warner, Greg Matthew Anderson, and Jeff Cummings.
Remy Bumppo Theatre’s latest undertaking, Travesties, can be summed up neatly as complex fare for the overtly intellectual. Director Nick Sandys takes...
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Sweeping New Opera @ Lyric Opera

Opera Review Angela Allyn, March 28, 2015

4 Stars out of 4

14_La_Rosa_De_La_Cruz_Rivera_Alonzo_Montenegro_EL_PASADO_LYR150328_476_cTodd_Rosenberg The gilded lobby of the Lyric Opera house was filled with young voices singing in Spanish. The ushers were showing us to our seats with bilingual instructions. The beers at the lobby concessions...
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Theatre Review by Rand Ringgenberg, March 30, 2015

3 out Of 4 stars

Jacqueline Williams, Kareem Bandealy, Emjoy Gavino, Erik Hellman
The world premier play The Good Book at Court Theatre here in Chicago is sure to stir some heated post show discussions. Denis...
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River North Dance Chicago Soars ‘In The End’

Dance Review by David Zak, March 30, 2015

Rating 3.5 Stars Out of 4

(l to r) Hank Hunter, Ahmad Simmons, Drew Fountain, Ethan Kirschbaum, Levizadik Buckins and John Litzler in Frank Chaves’s “In the End.”
‘In the End,’ the first...
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An ‘Underground’ Gem

UU Stage - Greg Inda Photography

Feature by David Zak

There is a dazzling new gem to be  found beneath the streets of Uptown. It is warm and sleekly appointed, with great music, booze and beautiful women. You descend an ancient staircase at 4707 N. Broadway, and...
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Jazz Hands All Around for Giordano Dance Chicago

Dance Review by Sarah Frye, March 27, 2015 Rating 4 out of 4

Gus 1Giordano ends its season this weekend with their Spring Engagement at the Harris Theater. The Engagement is six pieces from their repertoire and includes the world premiere of the only way around is...
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On An Average Day @ Spartan Theatre Company

Theater Review by Jerald Raymond Pierce

2.5 out of 4

DSC_0277 In Spartan Theatre Company’s mission statement, they promote themselves on minimalism. They say, “by distilling a story’s elements, we enhance the most essential themes and moments…” While that is a noble goal, this production of...
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Creation’s Birthday @ Genesis Theatricals

Theater review by John Glines, March 26, 2015

3 out of 4 Stars.

041 -                      
Gracia Gillund as Grace Hubble
Walking into the small theatre, the first thing I saw was a chalk board, physics equations scribbled here and there. Chairs lined in...
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Three New Shows @ Public House

March 12, 2015- Chicago, IL- HAPPILY EVER AFTER ISN’T FOR EVERYONE AT THE PUBLIC HOUSE THEATRE D List HuffYou probably don’t have to work hard to remember Simba, Ariel or Aladdin. But have you ever wondered what happened behind the scenes when Simba was reclaiming the throne? Or...
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Steep Expands Ensemble: Honoring the Past & Defining the Future

[caption id="attachment_7375" align="alignleft" width="110"]Lucy  Carapetyan Lucy Carapetyan[/caption] Steep Theatre is thrilled to announce that directors Jonathan Berry, Joanie Schultz, and Robin Witt and actor Lucy Carapetyan have joined the ensemble as its newest Company Members. The four artists have a long history with Steep and have had a...
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KC1_1015Tsuksasa Taiko performs their amazing drum spectacular at Metropolis Performing Arts Centre on April 23, 2015 A program of Asian Improv Arts Midwest, Tsuksasa Taiko performs their drum spectacular at Metropolis. Tsuksasa Taiko’s mission is to preserve, develop, and pass on the traditional concepts of Japanese art as...
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End Days @ Windy City Playhouse

Theater Review by Melissa Wiley, March 24, 2015

Rating 3 out of 4 stars

Steven Strafford as Jesus (foreground) with Tina Gluschenko as Sylvia Stein in "End Days"
Credit: Justin Barbin
Happiness is elusive. No one knows this better than...
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“THE ONE AND ONLY IVAN” @ Lifeline Theatre

Theater Review by Sally Jo Osborne, March 22, 2015

Rating 4 Stars Out of 4

Ivan the gorilla (Christian Castro; left) meets Bob the dog (Rick Smith, puppeteer; right); in Lifeline Theatre’s world premiere production of “The One and Only...
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“Balm in Gilead” @ Griffin Theatre Company

Theater Review by Jerald Raymond Pierce, March 23, 2015

3 out of 4

[caption id="attachment_7354" align="alignleft" width="320"]BalminGilead-1 (left to right) Joanne Dubach, Paige Smith, Cyd Blakewell, Johnny Moran, Ashleigh LaThrop, Nate Santana, Alexander Lane, Lynda Shadrake, Gabe Franken, Andrew Burden Swanson, Natalie DiCristofano and Echaka Agba...
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Tightwire @ Stage 773

Dance Review by Sarah Frye, March 20, 2015

Rating 3 Out of 4

Center, Johnny Huntoon
TightWire  is a delightful performance by Chicago Tap Theater from their circus-themed performance season. Presented at the intimate Stage 773, you feel that you are getting front row...
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LOUDER THAN A BOMB INDY AND TEAM FINALS, CULMINATING EVENTS OF THE LARGEST YOUTH POETRY FESTIVAL IN THE WORLD, SCHEDULED FOR MARCH 21 & 28 Festival Alumus Chance The Rapper To Appear March 28 at the Arie Crown Theatre   [caption id="attachment_7347" align="alignright" width="200"] Read more

A Young “Genius” @ Profiles

Theater Review by Jerald Raymond Pierce

Rating 2.5 out of 4

2130 Robert Breuler, Liz Zweifler
Robert Breuler and Liz Zweifler.  Photo credit: Michael Brosilow
Playwright and award-winning novelist Kate Walbert’s script for Genius at Profiles Theatre feels like there are pages missing. It feels...
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“Two Trains Running” at Full Speed @ The Goodman Theater

Theater Review by Hector Pascual Alvarez, March 18th, 2015

Rating 3 stars out of 4

(L to R) Alfred Wilson (Holloway), Ernest Perry Jr. (Hambone), Chester Gregory (Sterling), Nambi E. Kelley (Risa) and Anthony Irons (Wolf). Photo by Liz Lauren.
“Write epic shit” has become one of...
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Kronos and Anderson Transcend @ Harris Theater

Music Review Angela Allyn, March 17 2015

 4 Stars out of 4

MA3_8182   Laurie Anderson has always been the kind of artist that defies definition: poet, composer, sculptor, painter, violinist, ice skater, performance artist, inventor and techno junkie among others: her work pursues the frontiers of...
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Decent Exposure: The Full Monty @ Kokandy Productions

Theater Review by Drew Wancket, March 17, 2015

Rating4 out of 4 Stars

(front, left to right) Garrett Lutz and Scott Danielson with (back, left to right) Jake MorissyMatt FryeGeorge Toles and Greg Foster in Kokandy’s Productions’ THE FULL MONTY with music and lyrics by David Yazbek, book by Terrence McNally, directed by John D....
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