East of Eden @ Steppenwolf Theatre

Theatre review by Kerstin Broockmann, September 26, 2015

3 stars out of 4

East of EdenEast of Eden, in a new adaptation by Frank Galati at Steppenwolf Theatre, deploys all the resources available to lovingly bring John Steinbeck’s sweeping 1952 novel to the stage. Though...
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Bloodlines Astonishes at the Dance Center

Dance Review by Sarah Frye, October 1, 2015

Rating 4 Out of 4

[caption id="attachment_8332" align="aligncenter" width="604"]"Non Locomotor" Davalois Fearon, Gino Grenek, Nicholas Sciscione, Joshua Tuason/ Stephen Petronio Company "Non Locomotor" Davalois Fearon, Gino Grenek, Nicholas Sciscione, Joshua Tuason/ Stephen Petronio Company[/caption] Stephen Petronio Company (SPC) triumphantly...
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Fabulous “Figaro” @ Chicago Lyric Opera

Theater Review by Hector Pascual Alvarez, September 28, 2015

Rating 3.5 stars out of 4

[caption id="attachment_8328" align="aligncenter" width="604"]9/22/15 12:10:24 PM -- Lyric Opera of Chicago presents Figaro. Dress Rehearsal  . © Todd Rosenberg Photography 2015 © Todd Rosenberg Photography 2015[/caption] In my many years of...
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‘Disgraced’ Lights a Fire @ Goodman Theatre

Theatre Review by Kerstin Broockmann, September 20, 2015

Rating 3 stars out of 4

Photo by Liz Lauren: Bernard White (Amir), Nisi Sturgis (Emily), Zakiya Young (Jory) and J. Anthony Crane (Isaac).
I am not sure whether it is genius or irresponsibility that the...
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Jake’s Women @ Spartan Theatre Company

Theatre Review by Melissa Wiley, September 26, 2015 Rating 2 Stars Out of 4 DSC_0258 The stage for Spartan Theatre Company’s production of “Jake’s Women” is very small indeed. For most of the play’s duration, it’s no larger than the space from one of Jake’s ears to his other. Even...
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“Gem of the Ocean” @ Court Theatre

Theater Review by Jerald Raymond Pierce, September 23, 2015

Rating 3 stars out of 4

Gem-1 When watching a play like Gem of the Ocean, you can’t help but notice the beauty and poetry in the words of August Wilson. Wilson has such a wonderful way...
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Tanya Tagaq Soars @ Museum of Contemporary Art

Theater Review by Hector Pascual Alvarez, September 28, 2015

Rating 3.5 stars out of 4


I've been saying this for a long time to anyone who cares to listen: tucked away on the edge of Chicago’s Loop, hidden by the glare of the...
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Butcher @ Signal Ensemble

Theater Review by Conor McShane and Leslie Hull, September 22, 2015

Rating 2.5 Stars Out of 4

butcher 1
Joseph Stearns* (Hamilton Barnes), Simone Roos* (Elena) Todd Frugia (Inspector Lamb) and Vincent Lonergan* (Josef Dzibrilovo)
All great mysteries need a great hook, and Butcher, an American...
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Triassic Parq @ Circle Theatre

Theater Review by John Owen Glines, September 22, 2015

Rating 4 out of 4 stars

5_Triassic Parq
Erin Daly, Patrick Stengle, Parker Guidry, Marissa Druzbanski, and Neala Barron. Photo by Flaming City Photography.
Do you like sex? How about dinosaurs? What about Morgan Freeman, as played by a short white...
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Sensational Side Show @ Porchlight

Theater Review Angela Allyn, April 24, 2015

3.5 Stars out of 4


 L to R - Matthew Keffer, Colleen Fee, Britt-Marie Sivertsen and Devin DeSantis
Twenty five years ago, the landmark civil rights law The Americans With Disabilities Act was signed, committing...
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Yellow Eyes @ Visión Latino Theatre Company

Theatre review by Kerstin Broockmann, September 12, 2015

2.5 stars out of 4

20150909_193047Visión Latino is young company, not just in terms of experience (Yellow Eyes is their debut production), but in chronological age. In some ways, this makes them ideally suited to tackle Migdalia...
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Millenials @ JoffreyBallet

Dance Review Angela Allyn, September 16, 2015

Rating 4 Stars Out Of 4

tzoo.22820.0.346381.JoffreyBalletIn politics, economics, real estate and now art, we are witnessing an obsession with the ascendance of a new generation. Boomers are out, it’s now the Age of the Millennials, the largest...
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Magical ‘Tempest’ @ Chicago Shakespeare

Theatre Review Angela Allyn, September 17, 2015

Rating 4 Stars out of 4

CST_TEMPEST_04_LizLaurenSometimes I get the joy of seeing a world premiere that makes me glad I am a human that lives in the center of a world class cultural capital. The opening of...
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Dogfight @ BoHo Theatre

Theater Review by Jerald Raymond Pierce, September 15, 2015

Rating 2.5 out of 4


Let’s start here: A “dogfight” is a game where young soldiers (young Marines, in this case) compete to see who can bring the ugliest date to their party. These...
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The Time of Your Life @The Artistic Home

Theater Review by Lauren Sheely, September 14, 2014

Rating 3 stars out of 4

TOYLKittyNick William Saroyan’s Pulitzer Prize winning opus The Time of Your Life is having a moment this summer in Chicago. After an independent staged reading of the work produced by The Chicago...
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“The Producers” @ NightBlue

Theater Review by Jerald Raymond Pierce, September 13, 2015

Rating 3 stars out of 4

Tommy Novak and the cast of The Producers.
Mel Brooks is a comedy legend. Every time a company mounts one of his shows, they face the tall...
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Next to Normal @ Skokie Theatre

Theatre Review Angela Allyn, September 11, 2015

4 Stars out of 4

Skokie_Theatre_Next_To_Normal_2The perfectly cast ensemble of the MadKap Productions jewel box rendition of Tony Award Winner Next to Normal now on view at the Skokie Theatre gives the audience the kind of deeply thoughtful...
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“Guidance” at Reeling

Film Review by David Zak, September 12, 2014

Rating 3 Stars Out Of 4

Guidance-FeaturedGuidance is a fun new work written, directed, and starring Pat Mills who plays David, a derelict out-of-work former child actor who masquerades as a guidance counselor when he is...
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‘In The Grayscale’ at Reeling

Film Review by David Zak, September 12, 2015

Rating 3 Stars Out of 4

in-the-greyscaleIn the Greyscale is a frank look at a man’s exploration of his sexuality after 11 years of marriage. It is handsomely filmed in South American and the honest performances of...
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Thrilling ‘Those People’ at Reeling

Film Review by David Zak, September 9, 2015

Rating 4 Stars Out Of 4


Those People is Joey Kuhn’s sumptuous feature that cuts to the heart of longing and loss. The fact that it is perfectly cast, with terrific cinematography, wonderful production and...
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Delightful ‘Fourth’ Kicks Off Reeling

Film Review by David Zak, September 10, 2015

Rating 3.5 Stars Out of 4

FMO_070Director Andrew Nackman’s Fourth Man Out will be a crowd pleasing way to kick off Reeling – Chicago’s International LGBTQ+ Film Fest – next Thursday night. This gentle tale of a...
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‘American Idiot’ Rocks The Den Theatre @ The Hypocrites

Theatre review by Kerstin Broockmann, September 6, 2015

3.5 stars out of 4

American IdiotPhoto by Evan Hanover: (center) Malic White (St. Jimmy) with the cast/band of The Hypocrites’ Chicago premiere of AMERICAN IDIOT with book by Billie Joe Armstrong and Michael Mayer, music by Green Day, lyrics by Billie Joe Armstrong, direction by Steven Wilson and musical...
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“The Rainmaker” @ American Blues Theater

Theater Review by Jerald Raymond Pierce, September 6, 2015

Rating 3 stars out of 4

 (L to R) Matt Pratt, Danny Goldring, Linsey Page Morton and Vince Teninty. Photo by Johnny Knight.
There are times when watching plays where small parts of it can...
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Dust @ lower case theatre

Theater  Review by John Owen Glines, September 4, 2015

2.5 out of 4 stars

IMG_5787Dust is a story about a young musician whose father has cancer. I am a young musician, whose mother has cancer. Ironically, I found myself staring off into the distance for...
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unnamedLifeline Theatre is proud to welcome Jessica Wright Buha to its artistic ensemble, the body which determines the company’s artistic programming and provides leadership, support and counsel in its play-development process. Now in its 33rd season, Lifeline Theatre is driven by a passion for story. Its ensemble process...
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The Jacksonian @ Profiles Theatre

Theater Review by Bellisant Corcoran-Mathe, August 31, 2015

Rating 3.5 Out of 4 Stars

Betsy Bowman, Christian Isely, Tim Curtis, Juliana Liscio, Rachel Sledd
(L to RO Betsy Bowman, Christian Isely, Tim Curtis, Juliana Liscio, Rachel Sledd
Dentists are often overlooked when it comes to...
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‘Don Chipotle’ at the Storefront Theatre

Theater review by Conor McShane and Leslie Hull, September 1, 2015

Rating 2.5 Stars Out of 4

(left to right) Karen Rodriguez, Angelica Roque and Isabel Quintero in Juan Francisco Villa’s world premiere DON CHIPOTLE directed by Jo Cattell, presented by terraNOVA Collective and The Playground Theater, in association with the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special...
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“The Price” @ TimeLine

(from left) Roderick Peeples, Bret Tuomi, and Kymberly Mellen in TimeLine Theatre’s revival of THE PRICE. Photo by Lara Goetsch.
Arthur Miller’s The Price follows Victor Franz (Bret Tuomi—through October 18) as he returns to the attic of his old house where a lifetime’s worth...
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‘OCTOBER SKY’ Soars @ Marriott

Theater Review by Rand Ringgenberg, August 28, 2015

3.5 out Of 4 stars

Cast of October Sky
Although it has become commonplace in the world of musical theatre to turn a hit movie into a musical, the results certainly do not always produce a...
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Stage Left Theatre announces Downstage Left Residency recipients for Season 34.

Stage Left Theatre announces the recipients of the Downstage Left Playwright Residencies for Season 34. Residencies are designed to help playwrights take a project from the conceptual stage all the way to a production-ready script. Playwrights work closely with ensemble directors and members of the literary team to design a process tailored for the particular...
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“This House Believes” @ Oracle Theatre

Theater Review by Jerald Raymond Pierce, August 25, 2015

Rating 2 stars out of 4

Oracle06“This house believes the American Dream is at the expense of the American Negro” exists as both the title of Oracle Theatre’s production (adapted and directed by Zachary Baker-Salmon) and...
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Concert reading features new Boublil and Schönberg musical

LRF Logo_300x225A workshop and concert reading of the new musical “La Révolution Française,” written by the Tony Award-winning and Academy Award-nominated writing team Alain Boublil and Claude-Michel Schönberg (“Les Misérables,” “Miss Saigon,” “The Pirate Queen”), will be held at 7:30 p.m., Monday, Sept. 28 at...
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Chicago Dramatists Names Meghan Beals Artistic Director

  Megan BChicago Dramatists is pleased to announce that it has officially named Meghan Beals its new Artistic Director. Known for her progressive approach to theatre and strong advocacy for artistic vision and new work, this popular Chicago-based director is implementing exciting strategies and programs to take Chicago...
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The Universal Wolf @ Trap Door Theatre

Theatre Review by Melissa Wiley

3 out of 4 stars

DSC_3529 Little Red Riding Hood was a gift from the gods to burlesque theatre. Actually it was a gift from Charles Perrault, a French author who told the tale before the Brothers Grimm. How do I...
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Redtwist Announces New Company Members

Redtwist Theatre is thrilled to announce the addition of six new company members for the 15-16 season and beyond. Director Scott Weinstein has joined the company, as well as five actors: Adam Bitterman; Abby Dillion; Matt Edmonds; Ben Kirberger; Sarah Sapperstein.
For more information on all company...
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